LSD Dog Tag Hoop Earrings

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A powerful statement in wearable art, these unique dog tag earrings skilfully portray the juxta positioning we face in our society.

An ode to the radiant and resilient female form in yellow gold, poised and powerful against the rigid silver tag.

In a world not always attuned to our strengths she stands resplendent in a cold and formal male-dominated society.

Adorned with the iconic LSD stamp, wear these earrings as a poignant reminder of how bright the feminine can shine when she owns her power.

Lara Stafford-Deitsch, a pioneer in modern feminist jewellery, challenges societal constructs with wearable art designed to empower.

Join the movement and make your mark as you champion individuality and redefine modern beauty standards.

LSD Dog Tag Hoop Earrings - By Lara Stafford-Deitsch

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18ct Yellow Gold & Silver, 9ct Yellow Gold & Silver


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