Square Citrine Necklace

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The Square Citrine Necklace – A tactile 14mm square citrine set in gold, that moves freely along the trace chain.

Make a bold statement without compromising on wearability. The Square Citrine Necklace, generously sized, demands attention without overwhelming, striking the perfect balance between glamour and versatility.

The warm, golden glow of the citrine harmonizes seamlessly with the lustrous tones of yellow gold. This complementary pairing ensures a cohesive and luxurious aesthetic that enhances the overall impact of the necklace. While the Square Citrine Necklace is undeniably a statement piece, its versatile design allows for easy integration into your daily wardrobe.

Square Citrine Necklace - By Lara Stafford-Deitsch

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Metal Option

18ct Yellow Gold, 9ct Yellow Gold


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